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Events for September 14, 2017

  • No events scheduled for September 14, 2017. Please try another day.

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Murugan Temple of North America
Please note that the tamil panchang website is not affiliated with Murugan Temple. We cannot gaurantee the acquracy of the tool. Please use it at your discretion. Please click on தமிழ் பஞ்சாங்கம் on the opening page.
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Temple Manager Wanted
Murugan Temple of North America located in Lanham, Maryland invites applications for a full-time Temple Manager position at the temple. Applicant must be a Hindu, fluent in English and Tamil; must have a valid visa and authorization to work in the US; and must be licensed to drive an automobile in the US. We regret we are unable to process employment visa for job applicants from outside the US. Please send resume to the President of MTNA at murugantemple.jobs@gmail.com.

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Murugan Temple of North America