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The voice that filled the spiritual blissful premises of Murgan Temple of North America had everything in it on a cool serene afternoon – emotion, melody, depth, bhava and total involvement of the singer as she traversed from one song to another with the meditative mood of a spiritual traveler.

It was Jayashree Rajeev from Kerala, India, who sent the listeners who were fortunate to be there on May 21st Sunday afternoon to a sublime state of mind with her captivating voice and inimitable style.

She started the concert with a varnam on lord Murga- Senthil Vazh Murugayya in the raga Hameer Kalyani composed by T R Subramaniam followed by Gajavadana (Hamsandhvani)  with some brisk manodharama swaras. After presenting the poplur krithi in Nattai, Swaminatha, she moved on to Manasa Gurughuharoopam, a Dikshitar Kriti, in Ananda Bhiravi  in a slow tempo.  Then followed a beautiful rendition of the raga Kanthamani.  Though the krithi Palinthuvo was not familiar to the rasikas the melodious interpretation of the krithi and the manodharama  swaras that followed really took the concert to another level.

Then came the highlight of the concert, the main krithi of the afternoon, Karthikeya Gageya Gowri thanaya, in Thodi. The thani played on the mridangam by Cherthala G Krishnakumar also raised the bar of the concert to the delight of the listeners.  With the violinst matching her all through the elaboration of ragas, niravel and swaras, the main krithi led the listeners to rapturous heights. It was Thiruvizha Viju S Anand who supported her on the violin in the concert.         

As she switched gears from the major krithis to light songs another facet of her singing was beautifully unravelled.  Mayil Meethu (Charukesi), Azhakudeyvam (Maanji) and Nadabindu (Chenchuruti) all were received gleefully by the rasikas.


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