Kirubananda Variyar

Thiru Muruga Kirupanandha Variyar was a Saivite saint of India. Variyar Swamigal known as Deiva Thiru Muruga Kirupanantha Variyar Swamigal came to this world at the beginning of 20th century. Life of Swamigal spread over the devotional activities, Religious rites, particularly Swamigal made Saint Arunagirinathar’s ‘Thiruppugazh’ known to the entire world. He was the honarary guest at the Murugan Temple Kumbhabhishekam Celebration. Below is a reproduction of a print material on him titled “Feast for your Thought”. It is believed that the contents of the document were from one of his famous speeches. Read more about him in Wikipedia at Kirupanandha_Variyar. His official website can be accessed here.

The Greatness of His Holiness Swami Thirumuruga Kirubababda Variyar
Swami Thirumuruga Kirubababda Variyar is an intuitive genius who never attended School. He is the first and greatest upasaka of Lord Muruga in Tamilnadu. The seventy nine year old swami has written numerous devotional and religious books, which can be comprehended and relished by the common man as well as the pundit. Travelling incessantly, he is conduting upanyasam (that is explication of the Scriptures) all over India. Whereever he goes, devotees flock in millions in order to listen to his illuminating sermons. he has been guiding many prople towards a life of devotion similar to his own. He is an ardent of dharma, who maintains a meticulous integrity of word and action. He has not only contributed generously, but also helped to collect funds for the renovation of hundreds of temples in South India. This has earned him the title “DOYEN OF TEMPLE RENOVATION“. He has also officiated at the Kumbabishekam of hundreds of temples including the Murugan Temple of North America. His inimitably sublime talks on religion and the scriptures have earned him the title of “PRASANNA SAMRAT“. You can read in this pamphlet a few golden sayings of Swamiji which you will find a real “Feast For Your Thought“.

– O.M.S.S.S. Sundaramahalingam.

Feast For Your Thought

  • A pure mind is the temple of the Lord.
  • Good deeds and benevolence protect a man’s wealth.
  • Meditation and prayer raise the level of mank to godman.
  • Your thoughts and behavior in your personal life are reflected in your offspring.
  • A pregnant mother should have divine thoughts, divine talks and vegitarian food to ensure an intelligent child.
  • Any food can be digested but not a diamond; any sin can be washed away but not ingratitude.
  • To be patient in the face of harsh words and to avoid harming other lives are the greatest of penances.
  • Children inherit the habits of parents. Parents with good behavior ensure good natured children.
  • A newly married wife renounces her Parental household and deserves all love and affection from the husband.
  • A mother never ceases to love her son, even if the son forgets the mother.The Almighty’s mercy to man knows no end, even if man disowns God.
  • There is none in this world who knows everything and none who knows nothing.
  • Ceaseless efforts are always rewarded.
  • Mercy beautifies the eyes and meditation purifies the mind.
  • The sweat of an unselfish man is the holiest of waters.
  • Seek wealth when you are young to sustain you in old age.
  • Do good in this life to sustain you in the other world.
  • Capture others’ hearts and the whole world is yours.
  • Pure vegitarian food purifies the mind also.
  • Swell your heart with love and penance instead of swelling your body least your cofin bearers would curse you.
  • Muddy water does not reflect sun and an impure mind does not reflect God.
  • We are bound by the three chains of desire for property, gold and women. One who severs these chains attains oneness with God.
  • Avoid pomp and show in your life and practice simplicity.
  • The first step to attain God is to bestow compassion and love for fellow beings.
  • Education alone does not make a man. It is culture which makes a man.
  • A man without a good samaskaras objective in life is nothing but an animal.
  • When you are in prosperity prepare yourself for want, for joy and sorrow alternate in life.
  • Friendship with good people is like an afternoon shadow growing and growing.
  • A sure step to rise in life is genuine humility.
  • Sheep, cows and elephants live in heards but not tigers and dogs – why? It is the food that matters.
  • When you rise, pray to God to help you take the right path.
  • When you eat, pray to God to help you to be intelligent and affectionate.
  • When you go to sleep, pray to God to help you keep him in your mind forever.
  • To forgive is human but to forget is divine.
  • The best time is that spent in the thought of God. The only wealth spent on charity is ours.
  • God dwells in our heart. Due to Ignorance we search him elsewhere.

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